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They say, it's always darkest just before the dawn.
But the first light sparks, they hope for a better tomorrow.
I have this dream, in which we meet again, for the first time.
A morning on which the wind turns, and hands us new perspectives.
Change is possible, if we change ourselves.
If we converge and our paths cross each others.
We are all wonders of this world.
I have this dream, in which our hearts open up and we begin to understand that we don't have the right to kill you, to torture you.
I have this dream, to wake up in a world, in which we discard our callousness, our hearts awake, compassion determining our actions.
A world in which we stop making clothes out of their skin, which not too long ago felt sun and the wind.
For us, it's only about a meal.
Just a moment.
For them, it's about life itself.
From the halls of abandoned slaughterhouses, let freedom ring.
This is an ode to freedom, listen to its sound...